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The coronavirus pandemic has affected the world in many ways. It forced organizations to change their strategies and implement new working methods. Also, most people have had to put their plans on standby as the world is full of uncertainty.

Furthermore, the US is experiencing the worst unemployment crisis since the Great Depression. About 20 million Americans have lost their jobs, and the economy is going down. In order to move on and overcome existing challenges, many companies have begun to lean on tech professionals.

As tech talents are able to work remotely, the demand for skilled candidates has increased. They do not only allow organizations to survive but also to innovate. As a result, tech salaries have increased as employers need to attract top talent.

If you’re looking to change your lifestyle during the coronavirus pandemic, here are some job alternatives that will help you achieve this. They will allow you not only to have higher income but also to access better benefits.

Tech talents do not only allow organizations to survive but also to innovate. - @ArturMeyster @Career_Karma Share on X

Mobile Developer

Nowadays, most people can’t live without a smartphone. They have become so essential that not using your smartphone to complete everyday tasks is unlikely. For that reason, users are now more concerned about the experience they have while using an app.

With the help of mobile developers, organizations have created sophisticated mobile apps to meet customers’ demands. Organizations like Netflix have implemented machine learning algorithms in their mobile app to provide more personalized services. Users can receive recommendations based on previously watched content, for example.

On the other hand, many online retail companies have implemented augmented reality or virtual reality features in their apps to allow customers to have previews of their products. An excellent example is Home Depot’s mobile app. The company expanded its app functionality by allowing users to have a 3D visual of their merchandise. From refrigerators to chandeliers, users can now see how a product actually fits in a room.

In 2020, a mobile developer can earn up to $121,000 per year at General Motors. However, they do not only have great compensation. Also, they have exceptional perks like life insurance, tuition assistance, and paid parental leave for fathers, mothers, and adoptive parents.

If you’re willing to change your lifestyle in 2020, becoming a mobile developer is the right decision to make. You can enroll in Thinkful’s online boot camp to start learning mobile development skills. As you can learn from home, it’s the perfect choice to make a career switch during the pandemic. Thinkful is dedicated to its students’ success. Given that, they can receive help from a career support team during the course.

Cybersecurity Expert

As days pass, more users use digital channels to satisfy their needs. During the coronavirus outbreak, websites have played an important role as customers can do their shopping without leaving home. They can stay safe and receive their products without any concern. But, as long as people keep using digital channels, more data is generated.

Data is becoming the new gold in the 21st Century. Organizations analyze and interpret gathered information to innovate their products and remain competitive. In that case, as they need to keep their data safe, the demand for cybersecurity experts has increased during the last few years.

Cybersecurity experts are responsible for analyzing systems’ vulnerabilities and risks. They also monitor attacks and intrusions to prevent data from being stolen or damaged. Many organizations lean on cybersecurity experts to improve their cybersecurity strategies as they can set advanced traps to catch intruders.

According to Glassdoor, a cybersecurity expert earns between $52,000 and $57,000 per year at Hewlett-Packard. Also, HP employees can enjoy perks like paid holidays and flexible schedules. It’s a good alternative to change your way of life in 2020. So, if you want to start a cybersecurity career, you can join Flatiron School’s cybersecurity program.

The cybersecurity course allows students to become a cybersecurity expert in only four months. As aspirants develop analytical and coding skills, they are able to catch threat actors as well as handle rapidly advancing threats. After graduation, you’ll have the right skills to attract employers and stay steps ahead of other competitors, making you a must-have employee for any company.  

The path to becoming a software engineer can be challenging. But you will find it very rewarding if you stay the course. - @ArturMeyster @Career_Karma Share on X

Software Engineer

While the need for sophisticated software increases, more companies need to lean on software engineers to meet users’ requirements. Software engineers maintain, write, debug, and test software that allows systems to accomplish certain tasks. As they are responsible for monitoring software development stages and directing software programming initiatives, they often are in charge of team projects.

To become a software engineer, learning coding, as well as problem-solving skills, is essential. It can be challenging, but I can guarantee that you’ll see the rewards. A Google software engineer salary is between $179,000 and $1.35 million per year, depending on their responsibilities. So, becoming a software engineer is the best option to change your lifestyle in 2020.

You can learn coding fundamentals and become proficient in software engineering by enrolling in Rithm School’s online boot camp. The company offers a 16-week software engineering course that allows you to learn from home. Their program covers in-demand programming languages like React, Flash, SQL, and Python.

Rithm school allows its students to gain valuable professional experience by featuring three weeks for students to contract for businesses in San Francisco’s Bay Area. As the company wants its students to learn from the best, Rithm School features a team of instructors with experience in the field.


To change your lifestyle during the coronavirus pandemic, you’ll need dedication and discipline. Considering these alternatives is something you can’t stop doing if you want to achieve big things in 2020. They will help you not only to change your way of life but also to attain actual professional fulfillment. 

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