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Philip Amiola

I am a teacher, business thinker, and entrepreneurial leader.

Although primarily trained as a life scientist, my commitment to lifelong learning has led me to acquire skills in business strategy, content development, journalism, corporate communication and digital technology.

I lead a multidisciplinary team of professionals at The Plenipotent Company Limited, a consulting
firm that affords clients the quality and reliability of a large corporation while innovating with the ease and flexibility of a small business.

My work at the company revolves around thinking, capacity development and helping people give form to their concepts and ideas by deploying strategy, coaching and content development skills. I also enjoy simplifying complex processes and devising alternative pathways that remove red tape while enhancing creativity and productivity. This mindset leads me to deliberately challenge conventional assumptions, displacing them with practical intelligence and empirical wisdom.

Some of my ongoing projects include distilling ideas into books, reports and TV series. I have also been instrumental to the launch of a few businesses through my work at Digital Vineyard and Virtual Business School.

My strong belief in the power of words as a force for creative change has driven me to author a few books. Some of these include Order Your Life, Tweet and Grow Rich, Portals of Destiny, Sunlight at Dawn, The Minimalist Guide to Social Media Marketing, The Connection Principle, How to Start a Business Without Quitting Your Job and The Digipreneur’s Companion. You can get the books on Amazon or from your favourite retailer.


Ongoing Projects

Digital Vineyard

Digital Vineyard provides entrepreneurship and digital skills training and apprenticeship to equip recent graduates and early-stage professionals with the knowledge, skills, experience, and networks that they need to build successful careers and become valuable members of society.

Virtual Business School

Access self-paced online courses on website development, digital publishing, video production, content development, and other relevant skills for entrepreneurs and professionals. All courses can also be delivered as live training sessions.

Wordedge Media

The vision of Wordedge is to restore meaning and human dignity by displacing cultural conditioning with the truth of God’s word. We provide platforms and resources to help people understand and apply the logic of God to the practical issues of everyday life.

Brainskills Systems & Strategies

Brainskills Systems & Strategies is a capacity development organization that helps individuals and communities convert their challenges to opportunities through entrepreneurial thinking and leadership development.

Ready-made Websites

We have built an assortment of ready-made websites that can be used for various purposes. Whether you’re looking to set up a website for your personal brand, business, or organization, we’ve got you covered.

The Plenipotent Company

We are building a globally scalable company that offers clients the quality and reliability of a large corporation while innovating with the ease and flexibility of a small business. Talk to us for expert help within reach.

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Order Your Life: Frame your world with your words

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Take your mind back!

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